Monday, June 12, 2006

Excitement in the front yard

In my front yard I have a sinking spot where a old tree use to be. Last year I dug up most of the rotted tree stump and fill it in with extra dirt. Well my wife wanted me to take care of it. So on Saturday I started digging up hole and found some more rotten wood, even found some termites. So I grab some lighter fluid and set them a blaze. As the hole in the ground was burning, my neighbor came over to chat. He noticed that I was squatting over a bees nest in the ground. Total surprise how I didn't get stung. So I filled their hole up with lighter fluid too and start burning them. I ended up killing twelve bees and fifty termites. I typically don't go killing stuff, but I don't want my house to be torn up with termites.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Fruit of my labor

Well Heidi and I ate salad tonight which the lettuce came from the garden. I was very detail in my inspection of the lettuce, looking for bugs, worms, etc. It is kinda funny since I naturally put more trust in the bag lettuce than the what was grown in my own yard. I'm sure I will be more confident with mine as time goes on. I have had to water my garden since it hasn't rain much around here, think we are eights behind.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Weirdest Picture

So I was searching Google for wallpapers and I came across this picture (NSFW). I can't figure out if it is real or not. So since it is "Happy Satan Day" I figure I post a picture of some weird demon child creature. Also FYI not everybody thinks "Happy Satan Day" was funny since today was 6/6/06. Next year I'll have to come up with some type of happy heaven day on July 7th 2007.
You can recreate my results by going to Google images and search for "1280x1024 wallpaper" with SafeSearch turned off and look on page 2. Or click here.