Monday, April 24, 2006

Difficult outlook on future

It is difficult to find information out on the web that covers the topic of living more simple. Most of the stuff I am finding is the extreme far aspect of the topic. Nothing that really has baby steps from living your life now and what things you can do to be more responsible. The idea did cross my mind to take on the task myself, but I know that is more than I can handle right now. But some of the things I have been doing to help are the following. Conserving gasoline when I drive, by not accelerating as fast as my car can go off the stop light. Recylcing cardboard and plastic bottles, my city doesn't take glass anymore. I'm putting food waste in a compost pile so that my kitchen trash doesn't stink as fast and it doesn't take up so much room in the outside trash can. When my bath soap runs out, I'll switch back to the plain old Irish soap bar instead of the liquid in a bottle. The bar is cheaper and when I'm done I don't have a big bottle for the trash, (think it last longer too). I have also been looking at labels to see if the products I buy are made in the US.
So you can see it isn't much but it is a start.

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