Saturday, April 22, 2006

What I did on this Saturday

Figure I type out what I did today. 9:00 am got out of bed and ate some Maple & Brown Sugar oatmeal. Got dress and took out the kitchen trash and baby's diaper trash. 10:00 pull out spare bike to put air in the tires and check gears and brakes. Also put on bike rack and loaded both bikes. 11:00 (ish) pick up friend to go riding for a bit. 12:15 Cleaned bikes and put them up. Ate some lunch (Baked Spagetti leftover and flatbread). 1:00 (ish) showered and hung out with son. 2:00 (ish) ran errands with the family, bought some supplies. 4:00 returned home to allow my wife to feed the baby. 5:00 went out to eat Mexican with family. Picked up a movie on the way back (Jarhead). 6:30 (ish) watched movie. 8:30 (ish) got ready for bed. 9:00 fired up laptop to read news and post some blogs. 11:00 posted this blog and fell asleep...

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