Monday, May 28, 2007

Pictures from Apple Orchard Falls

Here are some pics I took while at Apple Orchard Falls on Sunday.

Running injury

Well I have off today, so I decided to go running on a trail to break up the routine a bit. I ran on Black Water Creek Trail (Beaver Trail), I am thinking I ran just over 4 miles. Since I was able to push myself 3 songs pass what I typically run when I run my route of 3.3 miles. But since I was on a trail and not the road I twisted my ankle twice, I was still able to run through it. But later when I was at the pool I noticed it twinged a bit when I rotated my ankle around. Then this afternoon I was dumping some corn on the compost pile and I twisted my ankle again (just standing there) and that really hurt. So now I'm hobbling around the house with a bum ankle. I hope it heals soon, I don't think it is bad. We shall see tomorrow when I wake up.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Got SharePoint Installed

Alright I was at the point of getting ready to punt again. I was actually looking on Google for instructions on a step by step guide to install for SharePoint in x64 OS, when I came across a note from someone stating that you need to run your IIS in 32-bit emulation mode. So I googled that to figure out how to do that. When I found a whole another article with Microsoft about installing SharePoint Services on Windows 2003 R2 x64. Followed the instructions and boom, I'm done. Now I need to figure out how to configure it. So more reading for me.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Had to punt today

Had to restart the whole process over with installing SharePoint. I couldn't get the SharePoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard to connect to the other server running SQL. I made so many minor changes that I was afraid that even if I figured it what to do, that SharePoint would be quirky. So I punted. Started over, and I'm glad I did. I found this great step by step article (with pictures) for installing MOSS 2007 on a Vitrual PC. So now I'm on step 7 of 20 and waiting for SQL SP2 to finished before I move on. Well it is done, gotta go.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Playing with big boys

Well got in two new servers this week. I'm really stoke about setting them up. They are both HP ProLiant DL380 G5, but are slightly configured differently.

Server 1: Obiwan (Web Front End)
Quad Core 2.3Ghz with 4 GB of RAM, RAID 5 of 136GB.

Server 2: Kenobi (SQL Back End)
Dual Quad Core 2.3Ghz with 10 GB of RAM, RAID 5 of 956GB.
(Considered RAID 6 for brief moment, but stuck with tradition until I get burned otherwise.)

There are few first for me this week. Setting up a server with 1TB of storage and 10Gigs of RAM, using Windows server x64, and installing Sharepoint as a farm (instead of stand alone).

Well back to work