Monday, May 28, 2007

Running injury

Well I have off today, so I decided to go running on a trail to break up the routine a bit. I ran on Black Water Creek Trail (Beaver Trail), I am thinking I ran just over 4 miles. Since I was able to push myself 3 songs pass what I typically run when I run my route of 3.3 miles. But since I was on a trail and not the road I twisted my ankle twice, I was still able to run through it. But later when I was at the pool I noticed it twinged a bit when I rotated my ankle around. Then this afternoon I was dumping some corn on the compost pile and I twisted my ankle again (just standing there) and that really hurt. So now I'm hobbling around the house with a bum ankle. I hope it heals soon, I don't think it is bad. We shall see tomorrow when I wake up.

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