Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day Hike

Last year my wife and I hiked up Crabtree Falls here in Virginia, this year I went up and did the Henry Lanum trail with my friend Sam. We started out at around 9:00 am and were done right after noon. Trail was 6.2 miles and we did it around three hours, so I think I am starting to get back in hiking shape (somewhat, since I was breathing hard up the trail). It is unfair that Heidi has to stay home with our son as I hike around Virginia. But soon he will be hiking with me all over the place, I hope. I want him to appreciate nature as much as I do and to be able to enjoy it later. I really don't want him growing up addicted to video games that so many of us did as we grew up.

A good example of that is when I was little, if it snowed and we were home from school. Every waken minute was played out in the snow. Now a days kids stay indoors and play video games. Something is wrong there.

I am already starting to plan my next trip, do some ridgeline hiking, solo even. We'll see.

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