Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Walking to Recycling Center

So last Saturday I needed to recycle a bunch of stuff and as I was loading it up in my car I noticed that it all fit inside of two bags. It was around 9:00 in the morning and the day was nice, so I decided to walk to the recycling center. Figure I could get some exercise, same some gas, and have a little adventure. It only took me like ten minutes to get there. I saw a wallet on the road, but I didn't touch it. Just wasn't feeling that I should pick it up. On the way back I pass a man that look crazy and homeless. Those are assumptions since I don't know either, but it was odd since he was wearing the exact same shirt and pants from the previous week. Also saw a dead squirrel on my way back, someone must have hit it since I pass by. Made me think of the parts in the bible that tells you not to touch dead animals. In our society (or culture) we drive everywhere so you really don't think of those things. But when you are walking it's different since it takes longer to pass the dead animal. I was only gone twenty minutes, so I'll do that again when I need to recycle.

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