Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Couldn't take this card seriously

I got this card from a Bazooka Topps in 2005, (one of the many insets that Topps put out that year) and I almost laugh. It looks so silly as a card, it like they combined the awe factor of putting in a slice of the bat, but then drew cartoons all around it for the little kids. I know the Bazooka theme is cartoons, but someone should have revised that card, just my $0.02 on the matter.

Ron Kittle a guy who was knocking Home Runs out of the park from day one. His first full year as a Major Leaguer he had 35 bombs, follow up with 32 the following year. One the down side he wiffed 287 times in those two years making him not a clutch hitter. The following years were plague by injuries (from what I can read on the web).

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