Monday, August 28, 2006

Nothing went as plan

I had a loose plan of getting certain things accomplish today. Though I am always flexible to what pops up, I was a bit frustrated that what I had set out to do didn't get done. A while back we got some NCS machines, and we are having problems with them rebooting and BSOD. I think I have narrowed it down to the motherboard, but I have only determined that on one of out of the six reported bad. So I spent most of the day working on troubleshooting that problem and elimnating non-issues. I was suppose to knock a bunch of tickets for MHES and then install some testing software for a person at the SAO. Oh well tomorrow will come soon enough, I'll just have to push my schedule back on all those other tickets.

Some times I wish that I could push all my events back in Outlook by a day. So that way I wouldn't spend gobbs of time rescheduling my week.

Current Music: Jack Johnson - Curious George soundtrack

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