Monday, August 28, 2006

Got access to a scanner

I moved the scanner into my office this afternoon, which means I can now scan cards. It was kinda bought for me because I complained about not having a scanner and we where the Technology Department. So hopefully I'll scan some cards in to share the joy. Anyway I am continuing on my journey of sorting my cards. I came across an old Dusty Baker card (Topps 1987 #565), and at first I was thinking it was him as a manager then I realize that at the time he was still playing 1B-OF position. It kinda made me laugh to think how much has change since I first got that card back in 1987. To me he has always been a manager and to see a card from my era of him as a first basement threw me for a bit.

I've officially sorted up through the B's, but 90% of the C-F are done. Found out that I had a Craig Biggio rookie card in my collection. I don't think it has huge dollar amounts to it, but it is neat to have it without knowing it.

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