Monday, October 23, 2006

Where have I been?

Well like most things in life I drift from one interest to another. If I wasn't writing a blog I was living a life that was too busy alot time for reflection. My work centered around redesigning the website, you can poke fun of my effort here ( But I have mostly finished that project. I still have to redesign the Intranet for my company, but I need to learn the workings of PHP and how to push/pull in MySQL. Not something I'll figure out in a weekend. My son's site has been making progress but now I realize that I have forgotten my flickr password. Too many passwords and I'm getting too old to be able to remember them all. Well I am going to get up early and run tomorrow and listen to Pray As You Go. Maybe it will help my day progress in a direction that it needs to go. I'm trying to make the right decisions about my day to day life, but it hard when you been lazy for the last fifteen years. I have also decided to combine all my blogs into one and save me some sanity. So the lack-luster getting in shape journal and the baseball card blog will migrate here so I can live more simply. Which is the whole reason I started this whole thing. Everything does come full circle I guess.

Side note download Firefox 2.0 here (I'm assuming you want Windows and an English version) since it has come out.

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