Thursday, September 14, 2006

New Entries

So I bidded on this lot of 800 cards off of Ebay. A large assortment of common cards from 1980 up through 1987, and even some unopen* packs. It was really exciting to open a pack of cards from 1984, brought back a whole flood of memories as a kid. It was even more exciting when I decided to try the gum from that pack which was bad back in 1984. I had a little audience here at work as they watched me chew the gum. Well let me tell you, gum that is twenty-two years old should not be chewed. It was a nasty paste of rotten sugar that was held together with dust. But back to the cards, of course I didn't score any major valuable cards, at least not money-wise, I did get a whole bunch of cards that made everyone laugh around the shop.
First is my bad-ass cage fighter from a previous post, Tim Blackwell. Who in this picture is staring down the reporters that say his Batting AVG. was too low. He's my man!

Next I found this gem of a card for Larry Hisle. His jacket makes the card worth a post in itself, but I couldn't come up with enough material about what could be going on during this picture. This card makes him look a little crazy, but I'm sure he a sane man, unless he's wearing that jacket during one of the dog days of August in which it was 100 degrees outside.

Then I saw this next card and forgot that era of bad uniforms. The White Sox had a winner there with those threads. Of course it would get worse before it got better. Maybe I'll dig through my cards and get some type of picture gallery of the teams uniforms through the years. But I looked up the stats for Thad and noticed that in 14 season he never played more than 108 games per year. Wonder what was up with that.

And finally George Foster who was trend setter back in 1984 with his tight trim of a semi-beard. But I did learn that this guy was really good during the late sevenites, voted the MVP in 1977, smack 52 Home Runs that year also. Way to go George.

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