Thursday, December 07, 2006

Wal-Mart took a hit

There are reports (and here) that Wal-Mart sales have dropped 1% in their stores, with expectation that this holiday season will under perform. Other major retailers like Target reported sales to be steady. So it just people not buying at good old Wal-Mart. So it is a small victory for me since I have been boycotting Wal-Mart for the last two years. If you think Wal-Mart helps the local economy then dig around the web. Good starting places are Wal-Mart Movie, NPR story from 2003, Snapper says No to WallyWorld, etc.

"However, if you know that half of the containers flowing into China are empty and nearly all of the containers leaving China are loaded with goods," quoted from here.

Why is America so determine to becoming a nation of consumers instead of producers? We once made things you know, that was a time when we could stand up in the world and voice our opinions and the countries would listen. Now that we are just a customer to the world trying voice our opinion and the world is asking us to leave the store. Companies overseas are putting money into discovering new ideas, products, methods, etc while we continue to buy cheap DVD players and complain why gas cost so much. While Brazil is now totally independent of foreign oil and Iceland soon to follow. Sorry for the rabbit trail.

Go boo Wal-Mart, go Mom & Pop shops.

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