Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Just Pass the Crossroads

So I spent most of my collecting life sorting my cards alphabetically and made it through the C's with my current collection, when I realize that would be forever tinkering with my cards as I got new cards. I searched briefly around the net and found a few sites that suggested sorting by year then by set instead of my alpha-drive-me-insane-betical order. So I took a row of cards and just started sorting them by year, then by company, I was amazed how fast I was able to sort them that way. Just glancing at the style of the card I know it was a 1988 Fleer or 1984 Topps. So I spent most of the weekend sorting all my cards and currently have them separated. The hardest was the newest cards that have so many inserts or subsets that I'm not sure how to put them in an order.

But now I have to put them in a numerical order which shouldn't take too long of a time and is a whole lot easier than figuring out if Jose Cruz is the same guy as Jose Cruz. But in order to keep track of what cards I have I'm going to need to make a list. I can't see any way around it. I have found a few scattered sites that have checklist that I need so I don't have to type it all in. But I was surprise how few people have posted a check list. Try finding a 1990 UpperDeck checklist, and no it's not on their site either.

I have looked at the software programs out there that help with tracking your cards but most are sorry and written in an era of Windows 95 machines. Most sites I have seen suggest using Beckett's My Collection page, which works okay if you want to keep track of a few important cards, but not your entire collection including all your common cards. So I guess I'll do the spreadsheet thing and then work on something in a database form. (Most distant project, right after I paint my house)

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