Monday, January 29, 2007

Dirt, Wood, and Vietnam

I have been figuring out how to get dirt for my garden this spring. I have built three of my six garden boxes to grow additional vegetables, but I need to get dirt to put in them. I was wanting to mix in 2 cubits of Peat Moss, 2 cubits of organic compost, and 4 cubits of organic topsoil per box. Unfortunately that will cost 23 dollars per box (126 total for all). I don't have that kind of money laying around. So I'm kinda bum about altering my plan for good dirt. I might be able to save some money if I can get a truck load of dirt, just need to borrow a truck.

I have spent most of my free (daylight time) after work chopping wood that I got. I only have a hatchet right now so splitting the wood is not quick work. And I heard a great song today from a group called Vietnam. Their song Priest, Poet and the Pig is awesome, reminds me of Pink Floyd, but builds of some punk aggression.

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